End of year is here!

There are some days that being a teacher is too much.  I care so much about the kids, their learning, and their well being.  However I still have another life:  mother, fiance, home owner, etc.  Some days it gets to be so much to do and so much to feel.

Days like this always reminds me of a movie that I saw once several years ago, but that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of.  It is about this teacher who is just overwhelmed by everything that is going on, all of her responsibilities.  She goes to the store to get olives, but she can’t find the right ones, and that is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  She starts throwing jars of olives across the store and ends up checked into a mental institution.  Long story short, she ends up falling in love with a guy that is mentally unstable and can’t leave.  So, even though she gets out, he doesn’t.  (If anyone has seen this movie and knows what it is please tell me!!)

I tell myself that I can’t be that person. I just can’t end up institutionalized.  And I definitely can’t fall in love with some guy that is never going to be mentally stable.  Unfortunately, I never listen and I just can’t stop caring and doing.  Yes I know that I sound like I should already be there, but don’t we all this time of year?   Just don’t ask me to go to the store to get olives!

4 thoughts on “End of year is here!”

  1. I feel your end of the year stress – it’s so hard to balance our school lives and our home stresses. Throwing something does sound like a great stress reliever. My grandmother used to buy cracked dishes at yard sales and throw them in the garage (then sweep them up) when she felt overwhelmed. Hmmm….

  2. No clue about that movie but I’d love to see a reel of all the ways us teachers have lost our cool outside of our classrooms in the movies! I bet that could be a perfect stress tape for this time of year! I’m with you on this feeling though. I felt it on and off the past two days. Just hard at times. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is hilarious. I don’t think I have seen the movie, but now I sort of want to. What a great visual. I know we have all been there.. on the verge of spastically launching jars of olives. I feel you! This made me laugh!!

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