Kids say it best!

Two examples of perfect comments, even though they should have raised their hands.


Writing Workshop Mini-lesson on Narrowing the Focus:

Using a sample text from Ralph Fletcher’s Craft Lessons, we demonstrated how a two minute time frame is more than enough for a personal narrative.  It was a story about a mom waking her son up in the morning.  I pointed out that it was only a two minute time frame.  The entire page was written about only two minutes.

“But it was a really cute two minutes!” says a smiling girl.



Practice with context clues:

She was so erratic that she would be in a great mood one minute and crying the next.  you could never predict the way she’d act.

Then one student shouts out, “They’re talking about my sister!”

It was another one of those times you know that you should remind him to raise his hand, but it was just too perfect!  And he did use the context clues!

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