Third Grade Book Clubs

This year’s reading workshop has encouraged children to be real life readers.  They spend the majority of the reading block reading just right books of their choice.  So, we decided to end the year with book clubs instead of literature circles.  I wanted students to participate in a book club like adults participate in.  Students will be reading a book over two weeks and then will meet with their club to discuss the book once everyone is done.

First, my co-teacher modeled reading a book (Amos and Boris) and taking notes with post-its in order to prepare for a book club discussion.  Then, students were given a simple picture book to practice.  They were grouped by a range of reading levels.  (C-K, K-P, Q-W)  The practice picture book was far below their reading level, so that they could focus on taking notes and having conversations




The following day we modeled having a book club conversation about Amos and Boris.  We also created an anchor chart with the students.  The anchor chart is based on Lucy Calkins Reading Workshop Unit:  Historical Fiction Book Clubs.  (The dark purple was written before we modeled and the lighter purple is from the students after we modeled.) After observing us and adding to our anchor chart the students began their book club discussions in the groups that they will be in for their novels.


The hardest part for the students was to stay on the same topic for an extended amount of time, but we were so impressed with their conversations.  Here is one of my favorite conversations that I overheard about Amelia Bedelia:

          D:  My favorite part was when she planted the light bulbs, but she left the kids alone!

J:  Yea, she should have gotten busted by the principal!

After our practice book clubs, we gave the students their book club books.  Their excitement made it feel like I was handing over a bar of gold!  They couldn’t wait to get started and the rest of the reading block was SILENT.



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