“What does the fox say?”

This is the first year that our school is doing a talent show since i have worked there.  We (my co-teacher and I) decided we wanted to do a dance with our class based on one of the Just Dance videos that we use on YouTube for brain breaks.  We had them vote:  Ghost-busters or What does the fox say?  Since it was third graders voting, you can guess which song won.

We have been practicing and today was the dress rehearsal.  Cute little ears on headbands!  Super weird song plus super adorable kids equals a terrific act.

Two acts before us, one of our students was performing a dance.  All of 3SB (our class) was standing up and dancing along with him.  It was so cute!

Then, RRIIIPP !  Gasp!  One of our friends had ripped his pants because he was so involved in the dance!  It was one of those times that you know a “good” teacher would keep a straight face, but it was just physically impossible.

Luckily, he was so good about it.  We tied his jacket around his waist and the show went on!



4 thoughts on ““What does the fox say?””

  1. A talent show! Haven’t seen one of those in years! That’s a great thing to do with your kids. I love that! Now the pants rip is just unfortunate and I gasped along with you. Good sport of a kid for sure!

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