National Poetry Month

We have been busy in third grade with learning about poetry through reading and writing.  Check out everything we are doing.

We investigated similes and metaphors in music.  Check out this video I found on YouTube to use in your classroom.

We looked at objects through the eyes of a scientist and through the eyes of a poet.  On day one we modeled and then did guided practice.  Then, on day two students brought in their own object for independent practice.



Students wrote many different types of poems and combine them into a poetry book.  They also choose one original poem to share in our 3SB Poetry Slam!


Poem on the Pavement  Each kid choose a poem and wrote it outside on the pavement for others to read and enjoy.


Poem in Your Pocket Day On April 24th, students chose a poem to keep in their pocket and then in the afternoon we combine with the other third grade class to share our poems.  They walked around the room and read their poems to each other.  What great fluency practice!

Here is one poem that a student wrote and chose to put in his pocket.  This was a word-list poem.  Students chose three random words from a bag and then had to write a free verse poem using those three words.  His words were game, spider, and I can’t remember which was the third.  But it turned out great!


April isn’t over yet, but our study of poetry is coming to a close.  We will be working of personal responses in reading this coming week and then our study will be complete!  What an exciting and busy month!


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