“Mind candy”

In Donalyn Miller’s book, The Book Whisperer, she refers to books that take little mental strain to read as “mind candy.”  Some days I look up and see a third grader, with a fifth grade reading level, reading Dr. Seuss and wonder if I should go over and have a discussion about “Just Right” books.   Then I watch as he finishes and moves on to a complex text about Earth’s layers. 

I have to remember that sometimes “mind candy” is perfectly appropriate.  After all, didn’t I spend days reading Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series last summer?  Although candy isn’t good for us all the time, it doesn’t hurt once in a while.  And it is definitely enjoyable!

My sister, My grandma (Ma), Me

My sister, My grandma (Ma), Me

My grandma, Ma, is my hero. She is probably the best person I know or will ever know. I depend on her and she never lets me down. She has supported me through childhood, pregnancy at age eighteen, college and motherhood, teaching, and everything else that life throws my way.

Her patience is seemingly endless. Her house is always spotless. And, as my son says, “Ma cooks everything better.” When making a decision about anything I think: What would Ma do?

Teachers see everything differently!

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hLast night I was at a wedding with a super fun photo booth and props, but instead of seeing it and thinking “fun props” what did I think?  “LICE!”

After a huge lice outbreak earlier this year, that is what all of my fellow teachers were thinking as we watched person after person put the same hats and fuzzy headbands on their heads.  When we went into the photo booth you can bet we only took glasses and other plastic props!