Today’s Basketball Game

We become knowledgeable about any activity or topic that interests someone we love. I know how much a touchdown is worth because of my fiance. I have significant knowledge about superheroes and Legos because of my son. And I have learned the basic rules of basketball because of my students.

Today I went to see my students’ basketball game. (Technically I don’t teach these girls anymore, however I will always consider them mine.) It is amazing for me to see students who may struggle with reading at school be stars on the court. I wasn’t going to go today, but I saw one of my girls this morning. She said, “Ms. Bless, you’re coming to the game today. Right?” I had see her!

They did fantastic! 20 – 4. Learning the rules to a game I am not necessarily interested in is worth it. It shows the kids that I care and it allows me to see them persevere and succeed at something outside of academics.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Basketball Game”

  1. That is so great that you went! I used to go to way more games before I had kids. There’s no way to lose my discipline street cred then by tantrum my little ones. Soon I’ll be back watching them in action. It’s always quite the sight, isn’t it. I love your sidenote, “Technically I don’t teach these girls anymore, however I will always consider them mine” They are our kids forever. We put in the time and effort and we get to make the small teeny claim of ownership. So glad to have met you in slice world. Hope to be seeing you on Tuesdays!

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