I have an aversion to parking. Maybe you could even call it a fear. I grew up in the suburbs where no parallel parking was required.  I park far away from other cars in parking lots.  I would rather walk than deal with parking next to other cars.  And today I had to park on the street, on a hill at my sister’s house.  Ahhhhh!!!!!!!

I will not park on the street
I will not park on a hill
Not in a truck
Not in a car
I will not, can not park parallel!

7 thoughts on “”

  1. It is really rough having to parallel park when you do not normally have to. I think it is an art that needs to be practiced. I got pretty good at it when I moved to where we had to park on the street. I admit now that I am glad we have a long drive with a parking area and a big garage…but if ever I have to parallel park…at least I have had the experience. On a hill? That has got to be the worse. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  2. I cannot parallel park at all. I have tried it numerous times and always give up after pulling back and forth three or four times. I may end up walking much farther but I use the extra time it takes to “get there” to pat myself on the back for getting more exercise.

  3. Oh my gosh! I love this so much because it is so me! I’ve been known to drive around endlessly and then give up. Great little poem there. 🙂

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