Day 27 of SOL Challenge! Creating a Reader

ImageMy first nephew was born almost two years ago to my sister and her husband.  When she was pregnant she questioned me, “You aren’t going to get my kid books for every holiday are you?”

You can probably infer that she is NOT a reader and neither is her husband.  They told me that their kid would never like books the way that I do.  I told them that he WOULD be a reader.  For holidays, birthdays, and other just because days I have given him books upon books.  Cardboard books, plastic books, paperback books. 

I am proud to say that at not even two, my nephew is a book lover and a reader in training.  He loves books!  He “reads” books.  And when I brought him books today, he started looking through them immediately.  Turning page by page, looking at all of the animals on each page and gibbering on with a “dog” here and a “fishy” there.  When my son read him one of the books, my nephew sat and listened, pointing to some of the animals on the pages. 

A few more weeks and I will have another nephew to share books and reading with!

5 thoughts on “Day 27 of SOL Challenge! Creating a Reader”

  1. My nephew is a reader and we’ve recently had great conversations about Wonder and other great books. I love talking books with a 9 year old. Keep it up!

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