Too many thoughts, but undecided on which to develop further.  So…randomness today.


Went to paint with my sisters last night.  It still surprises me how different we are as learners and as people.   Here is my finished painting:Image



Fail as a mother:  I have washed so much laundry in the last few days, but somehow none of my son’s boxers made it in.  So, today he wears dirty boxers. (Good thing it is Spring Break and we were only going to the store.)


I love the Disney store – regardless of how old I am.  It just makes me happy to be in there.


6 thoughts on “Randomness”

  1. Your painting is beautiful! I think I saw that your sisters did other paintings? Did they do a few different designs?
    and lol at your mom fail! 🙂 Glad you had the Disney store to make the day better!

  2. Your painting is awesome! And oh the mommy fail moments. That one isn’t too bad. And we were just at the Disney store yesterday. It is magical. 🙂

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