SOL Day 20

Last official conferences of the year and each family was invited because of concerns we have had and/or currently have.  We had one family shocked and amazed by the amount of progress their son made.  They kept asking clarifying questions to make sure they weren’t confused about how close to grade level he was.  Another mom was upset because her daughter is so far behind and is worried about kids making fun of her.  It is soooo hard to give parents the hard truth about academic progress or lack of progress, to give positives without a false sense of security. She asked us not give up on her girl.  (Hear our hearts breaking?)  We won’t give up, we will be at school again tomorrow, working our tails off to give each kid what he/she needs to be successful. 

Thank goodness they only lasted to 5:30 because they were emotionally draining. 

On my way home I got a call from my grandma to let me know that she made my favorite, blueberry dumplings.  So after a short detour to pick up some dumplings, I am at home reflecting.  Being a mom and working a full time job is tough, seemingly impossible some days.  But then I remember the amazing support system I have, including a grandma who seems to know exactly when I need a pick me up.  I have a smart, intelligent, empathetic, and creative son.  He is the light of my life. 

I am going to wake up tomorrow and do it again because I love my job as a teacher and as a mom.  I can’t imagine anything better!


One thought on “SOL Day 20”

  1. How sweet of your Grandmother! I’ve never heard of blueberry dumplings, but they sound amazing. I love plain dumplings and apple dumplings.

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