Teacher’s Institute Day = ;(    (sad face)

But today’s institute day started a little different than the norm.  Students, ranging from first to seventh grade, presented to the entire district staff.  Each presentation was about three minutes, some with teachers presenting along with them.  Looking at the student from the crowd, I was engaged in each student’s presentation.  However, I kept thinking of what it was like from the child’s point of view.  A sea of hundreds of adults, teachers on top of it, listening to their every word.  Those kids have courage!  I never would never have agreed to that as a kid!  I don’t think I would even agree to it now!

P.S. Courage by Bernard Waber is a great book to get kids talking about Courage.  Our literacy coach and I used this at a school PD to get the teachers to write a personal narrative about a time they experienced courage.


4 thoughts on “Courage”

  1. Wow! I can’t imagine that I would have ever done that as a child. You left me curious as what is “institute day” I’m going to check out the book you mentioned. Thanks.

  2. What a brilliant idea for launching PD – so nice to have real inspiration! And what powerful teaching for those kids, to let them know that they are experts, and that what they say matters. Brave kids, brave teachers!

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