Pain Scale

I sat in the emergency room because my fiance has a hernia and I looked up to see the pain scale on the wall.  I immediately thought of Alvin Ho:  Allergic to Babies, Burglars, and Other Bumps in the Night.  If you are a teacher and haven’t read this booImagek by Lenore Look, you definitely should.  It is one of five, I think, that are written from the point of view of Alvin, a boy is who is scared of everything.  In this specific book his mother is pregnant and he has a sympathetic pregnancy.  He ends up seeing a pain scale and decides that it is not at all accurate – it doesn’t go nearly high enough.  So, he makes up his own scale that goes much higher than 10 with hilarious equivalents for each number of the scale.

All of these books are “LOL” funny for adults and kids alike.  We read one of them to our third graders earlier in the year and they continue to check them out of the library.  Highly recommended!Image


5 thoughts on “Pain Scale”

  1. OK. I have no legitimate reason to read this book series – I’m not a teacher and my daughter is 16. But I just may have to check one out at the library.

  2. I agree with him. Those scales are hard to use, I think. Every pain is the worst imaginable until it’s over, or until you’ve had worse. Severe to me might not be a big deal to someone else. Thanks for the book recommendation!

  3. Those pain scales always make me laugh. What, do they expect an ailing person to look in a mirror and compare notes with the chart? That said, I’ve always wondered with some of my more volatile little friends whether giving them a “how mad are you?” chart might help them with more appropriately expressing anger and disappointment.

    As for the book, I will definitely be looking it up. Thanks for the suggestion!

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