Third Grade Authors

We just finished the first bend of our fairy tale writing unit.  The students completed an adaptation of either The Three Little Pigs or Little Red Riding Hood.  During our read aloud time today, the first five read their stories.  WOW!  They were outstanding!  Funny, cute, entertaining.  I had conferred with them, read parts here and there, but the writing talent in our third graders shocked and amazed me today.  They sat in our new author’s chair and read to the class, as we all laughed along.  Then, after they finished reading, each student signed the chair, as each author who sits there to share his or her work will do.  Sometimes it is hard to see the growth they are making as writers, but today these published fairy tales are irrefutable evidence that we have very talented third grade authors.  I can’t wait to hear what is to come for the rest of this week and the rest of the year.


One thought on “Third Grade Authors”

  1. How great for your writers to have you! This slice makes me miss my third graders. They are so full of potential bursting at the seams.

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