My sister, My grandma (Ma), Me

My sister, My grandma (Ma), Me

My grandma, Ma, is my hero. She is probably the best person I know or will ever know. I depend on her and she never lets me down. She has supported me through childhood, pregnancy at age eighteen, college and motherhood, teaching, and everything else that life throws my way.

Her patience is seemingly endless. Her house is always spotless. And, as my son says, “Ma cooks everything better.” When making a decision about anything I think: What would Ma do?

5 thoughts on “My sister, My grandma (Ma), Me”

  1. she sounds like one of a kind! Now I understand how she made your Mt. Rushmore – and I like your idea about that…we’re definitely influenced by so many different people! 🙂

  2. How wonderful that you know that no matter what, you have someone in your life there for you. It sounds like she has helped you get through tough times and celebrate the good times! 🙂

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