It’s better with two teachers.

I am a co-teacher and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It can be a challenge for teachers who don’t see eye to eye, but I got lucky!  My co-teacher is amazing! And we agree on most things and the kids benefit because of it.
She was absent one day and the next I went to pick up the kids in the morning while she stayed in the room.  One boy asked if she was here.  When I replied that she was, he said  “Good, it is better with two teachers.”
Maybe I could have taken it as I wasn’t good enough, but I know that isn’t what he ment.  I agree, it is better with two teachers.  I could teach alone and get results, however together we can do even more. Students receive more attention, two teachers are pulling small groups, more needs are being met- socially and academically.
After today’s field trip without my other half, I know I can do it alone. (I came back with the same number of kids as I left with! SUCCESS! !) But I don’t want to because that student is right – IT IS BETTER WITH TWO TEACHERS!

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