“People can I stop you?”

I sit in a PD led by a very prominent author, seen as a guru by many in the field of teaching reading and writing.  I am interested in the topic, I agree with her ideas, and yet I keep losing focus.  (I’m writing this…)  She tells us to turn and talk and then seconds later, “People, can I stop you?”
The first person gets to share, but then she stops us.  I realize this is, at least in part, because of time. And then I wonder how many times in the last week I have stopped my students’ sharing because of time. I am getting a little agitated, so they must too.
I find the most significant part of going to a workshop is that I become the student.  I am forced into my students’ shoes.  Of course I am here by choice and they are stuck with me, like it or not.  Each time I go to a PD I walk away more determined to pay attention to the needs of my students. Today I walk away with a renewed awareness of my students’ need to be heard.

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